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Dealing with Divorce and Addiction

Some people who suffer from addiction, can be really good at hiding the fact that they have an addiction. Because of this, a lot of people may not know that they are marrying an addict. Another thing that is common is that the addiction is developed later in the marriage. This can later lead to divorce. A contributor writer for "Divorce Magazine," says choosing to divorce can be difficult for both people. The writer writes about how to deal with divorce and addiction. 

Addiction in itself is dangerous because it is comes with negative and sometimes dangerous behaviors. When you love someone who has an addiction, you can end up feeling powerless, frustrated and angry. As much as a spouse may want to help with the addiction, it is sometimes impossible for the spouse to do so. Especially, if the addiction is something they cannot overcome. 

According to the article in Divorce Magazine, addiction in a marriage is more common than most would think. There are between 12 to 13 million Americans that are alcoholics and between 1 to 2 million Americans that are cocaine addicts. Divorce alone can be difficult and to add addiction too it can make it even more stressful.

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