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counseling for children

How to Raise Your Children to Have High Self-Esteem

Read this post to help raise your children with high self esteem. Teach your kids to speak up if someone is making them feel uncomfortable.

How to Support a Child Who Has Been Through Trauma

Everyone copes with trauma differently. It is important to know how to support your child during these times. Trauma can be caused by one incident, or many.

Benefits of Art Therapy

Art therapy can be beneficial to everyone. Art can help express emotions that you might not know you were feeling. It helps you discover what is under the surface. Art therapy can greatly benefit children, because sometimes they do not know how to express their emotions through words. 

The Benefits of Therapy for Depressed Teens

Depression is something that affects many adolescents. Antidepressant medication has various side effects which causes teens to shy away from taking them.