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Why Universities Must Improve Student Mental Health Care

While attending college many students go through a lot of different changes. These changes along with the pressure of classes and studying, can bring on a lot stress in a student's life. Especially for freshman, moving away from home into a dorm and meeting new classmates there is some anxiety that can come with that. Mental health has always been something a lot of people tend to avoid talking about. According to Jeffery Lieberman M.D., a contributor writer for Psychology Today, says, "The college years and experience closely coincide with the onset of many mental disorders in young people." Because of this, it is extremely important for universities to improve student mental health care. 

The College Partying Scene

It is not an unknown fact that more and more college students are getting involved in the party scene, which usually involves heavy consumption of alcohol. posted an info-graphic with some information about the college partying scene. There are three main groups of college student that are at risk for getting involved in the party scene. These 3 groups are: Freshmen, Athletes, and Greek Fraternity/Sorority members. Students that attend the following types of schools are less likely to drink heavily: Two-Year colleges when commuting, Traditionally black or women's colleges, Larger schools. 

College Students: Going on Roof or Balcony While Drinking is Dangerous

There are too many stories out their about the dangers of binge drinking in college. It is not an unknown fact that many students under the age of 21 partake in drinking while in college. Nicole May, a student from University of California, San Diego decided to share her story of the accident that happened to her due to binge drinking. While attending UCSD, May attended a party which ended with her falling from the 3rd story balcony. Falling from the balcony caused her to break many bones, including all her ribs on the right side and a collapsed lung. May and her parents put together a short documentary of her story.