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Rules of Dealing with Addiction in the Family

Whether it is behavioral such as gambling, or substance-related, addiction is an incredibly difficult thing to deal with in a marriage and/or family. Addiction can take a person you know and love, and completely change them, ruining your connection to that person.

How Therapy Can Address Chemical Dependency

So, which came first, your addiction or your mental health disorder? Do you use drugs and alcohol to cope with your mental health issues? Or do you have a mental health disorder caused by your drug addiction?

5 Ways to Maximize Your Mental Health Treatment

Depression, addiction, and PTSD all hinder your mental health. In order to really progress and heal from mental health, it is important to be proactive. Besides taking medication and going to talk therapy, it is also important to make sure to put yourself first. This does not mean you have to be selfish, it just means you should be aware of your needs, and make sure those needs are being met. It is also important to speak up if anything about your treatment is unclear to you. 

Help With Your Drinking or Drug Use Can Begin with an Addiction Therapist

It’s rather common for a person to come home from a long day at work and have a glass of wine or a beer. However, when the body and the brain come to rely upon having that drink then there might be a problem. If you’re drinking or using drugs regularly, then addiction treatment might be necessary. Working with a therapist before, during, and after treatment might be the best way to ensure ongoing sobriety. 

How to Avoid Getting Stuck in the Revolving Door of Rehab

Addiction is not something that is easily cured overnight. Addiction is something that people will have to battle for the rest of their lives. Addiction doesn't end when your done with rehab. There is still work that has to be done after to keep from entering back into the addiction. Most people who have an addiction end up going to rehab more than once in their lives. has some tips on how to avoid getting stuck in the revolving door of rehab. 

Warning Signs of Serious Alcohol Dependency

Alcohol dependency is something that we may not notice in ourselves. We may not realize the daily drinking or binge drinking could eventually lead to alcohol dependency. Richard Taite, a contributor writer for Psychology Today, says there are some signs that mean you could be alcohol dependent. 

10 Things the Adult Child of an Addict Wants You to Know

When looking at most adults, that last thing to cross our mind would be to wonder if they grew up as a child of an addict. Most people don't understand what it is like to grow up with a parent or parents that are addicts. Joni Edelman, a contributor writer for the Huffington Post, says there are things that adult children of an addict want you to know:

3 Kinds of Motivation for Addiction Recovery

Addiction recovery is known to not be an easy process. It can be difficult for the person who has an addiction to even accept outside help. While in recovery it is extremely important for that person  to have motivation to be successful in recovery. According to Jeffery S. Smith M.D., a contributor writer for Psychology Today, there are 3 different kinds of motivation for addiction recovery.