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What Gratitude Can Do For You...Especially if You're in Recovery

If you're in recovery from addiction, then perhaps you already know why you want to stay sober. See how gratitude can help you with sobriety in your life.

VIDEO: Jodie Sweetin Opens Up About Her Struggle with Sobriety on DWTS

Jodie Sweetin is most popularly known as Stephanie Tanner, from the 90s sitcom, Full House. Full House was a part of Sweetin's life from when she was 5 to 13. In the video below she describes leaving her Full House family as a "big shift" in her life. She also states that this was the first real loss she had ever experienced, and because of that she didn't know how to grieve. This lead her to getting involved with drugs and alcohol. Watch Sweetin open up about her sobriety in the video below:

Help With Your Drinking or Drug Use Can Begin with an Addiction Therapist

It’s rather common for a person to come home from a long day at work and have a glass of wine or a beer. However, when the body and the brain come to rely upon having that drink then there might be a problem. If you’re drinking or using drugs regularly, then addiction treatment might be necessary. Working with a therapist before, during, and after treatment might be the best way to ensure ongoing sobriety. 

How to Avoid Getting Stuck in the Revolving Door of Rehab

Addiction is not something that is easily cured overnight. Addiction is something that people will have to battle for the rest of their lives. Addiction doesn't end when your done with rehab. There is still work that has to be done after to keep from entering back into the addiction. Most people who have an addiction end up going to rehab more than once in their lives. has some tips on how to avoid getting stuck in the revolving door of rehab. 

5 Ways to Survive the Holidays Sober

When the holidays are here that usually means that there will be holiday parties or gatherings where alcohol may be involved. A lot of people like to celebrate the holidays with alcohol. If your staying sober this holiday season, attending these events may be difficult. Erin Bahadur, a contributor writer for the Huffington Post, has some tips on how to stay sober during the holiday season. 


    What Not to Ask or Say to Someone in Recovery

    When someone you know is in recovery it can be difficult to know what to say or ask. For most people you may think you are saying or asking the right thing, however it could be completely wrong. Constance Scharff Ph.D., a contributor writer for Psychology Today says there are six things to never ask or say to someone who is in recovery. 

    8 Things You Shouldn't Say to People in Recovery

    When someone is going through recovery, it can be an extremely hard journey. If your have a family or friend that is in recovery you most likely want to support them and have them be successful through it all. However sometimes it's hard to be a support system because you may not know the right things to say. Sasha Bronner, a contributor writer for the Huffington Post has a list of 8 things not to say to someone in recovery. 

    The Pros and Cons to Methadone Treatment for Heroin Addiction

    If you’re in recovery from heroin addiction, your treatment might include regular controlled doses of methadone. In fact, there are a variety of methadone clinics throughout the country that serve as a distributor for those who are using methadone as part of their treatment plan.

    3 Kinds of Motivation for Addiction Recovery

    Addiction recovery is known to not be an easy process. It can be difficult for the person who has an addiction to even accept outside help. While in recovery it is extremely important for that person  to have motivation to be successful in recovery. According to Jeffery S. Smith M.D., a contributor writer for Psychology Today, there are 3 different kinds of motivation for addiction recovery.

    Reasons Why You Can't End Addiction on Your Own

    Ending an addiction isn’t easy. In the majority of cases, addiction requires treatment, and even with addiction treatment, some men and women are prone to relapse. Of course, there are many factors that play a role in whether addiction ends with or without relapse. Some of these factors include the length of substance use, drug of choice, severity of the addiction, physical health, and any presence of mental illness. Yet, regardless of these factors, one of the most significant factors in successfully bringing an addiction to an end is having support. Attempting to quit on your own is not only dangerous; it's often ineffective.