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The Chilling Story of Postpartum Psychosis Will Make You Rethink Maternal Mental Illness

According to the National Library of Medicine, postpartum depression is "moderate to severe depression in a woman after she has given birth." Mothers can experience feelings of extreme sadness, anxiety and exhaustion. These feelings can make it hard for women to complete daily tasks or care for themselves and others. Buzzfeed released a video about Andrea Yates, America's most notorious mom. Within this video they discuss the timeline of events, that Andrea Yates went through relating to her mental health. 

Andrea Yates murdered her 5 children in a bathtub. Her suffering began 2 years before the murders. In June 1999, she attempted suicide for the first time, and was then diagnosed with postpartum depression. Yates' psychosis was extreme. She states hearing voices and seeing visions. Yates' husband states that his family was let down by the mental health system. 

This video was made to show how serious postpartum depression is, and how women should not be scared to ask for help. To view the full video, click here