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adolescent therapy

Pros and Cons of Teen Group Therapy

Getting a group of teenagers in the same room at the same time to discuss their feelings and resolve their problems. Well, that sounds like a pretty big goal. To some, it may even sound impossible. Similar to any other type of counseling, there are pros and cons to teenage group therapy.

Help Your Teen Get the Most Out of Adolescent Counseling

If you have a teenager, then you know they can go through emotional ups and downs. Their hormones are fluctuating, as well as their friendships. Hormones affect the brain, the body and emotions. Teens are trying to cope with extra-curricular activities, academic responsibilities and for many, job duties. Teens are stressed out!

7 Tips for Addressing Teen Mental Health

According to the National Alliance on Mental Illness, one in five teens is living with a mental illness. Being a teenager is stressful. Teenagers have stress from areas including classroom, extra-curricular, peers, chores, work, and even parents.

How Adolescent Counseling Can Help Your Teen

The teenage years – everyone goes through them. For many teens, it’s a time of transformation, personal growth, and self-discovery. The years between the ages of 12 and 24 allow your teen the time needed to learn not only who they are as an individual, but who they are inspired to be as an adult.

Adolescent Therapy: The Benefits It Provides

Children are very impressionable. Every experience is absorbed and used to create their identity. Therefore if a child goes through any sort of trauma or hardship, if not cared for properly, it can effect their future development. 

How a Child Can Benefit From Therapy

There doesn't always need to be something wrong in order for a child to see a therapist. Therapy helps children deal with emotional and behavioral issues.

The Effect Social Media Has on a Teens Brain

Steep social media usage can have a negative effect on teens. It causes them to be addicted to their devices which leads to a risk of depression and anxiety

How to Raise Your Children to Have High Self-Esteem

Read this post to help raise your children with high self esteem. Teach your kids to speak up if someone is making them feel uncomfortable.

How to Support a Child Who Has Been Through Trauma

Everyone copes with trauma differently. It is important to know how to support your child during these times. Trauma can be caused by one incident, or many.