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8 Relationship Building Activities for Couples

Want to build your relationship with your significant other?

Whether your relationship is new or you have been together for years, you may find it helpful to explore different activities.

Doing things together has a way of bringing us together.

In this article, you will discover some simple activities that will help you build your relationship with your significant other.

Relationship Building Activities for Couples

The Pew Research Center conducted a study on relationships in America and found some very interesting results. For instance, nine out of ten surveyed stated love was the number one reason they got married.

This reason changed when participants were asked what makes them stay married. Answers ranged from shared experiences, a good sex life, and sharing chores.

These results prove the old saying that all you need is love. In relationships, you need a lot more to reach success.

Relationships need to grow, just as you grow. Participating in relationship building activities can help you and your partner stay connected long-term. This is because you can learn how to overcome obstacles together, bringing you closer.

Here are eight relationship building activities for couples.

1. Practice Eye Contact

It was not hard to look into your partner’s eyes when you were dating, and everything was new. Now that you have been in the relationship for a while, looking into each other’s eyes may have moved down the priority list.

It is time to move it back to the top of the list. Making eye contact is a way of communicating and can break down walls and ease tensions. It can show your partner you are more interested in what they have to say than what is on social media. It is a form of respect and can even increase intimacy.

2. Practice Listening Skills

Listening is a process that when done right, can improve a relationship. Listening means sitting down with your partner and allowing them to speak freely. Do not rush them, do not interrupt, and do not look away or get distracted.

Listening means taking in each word they say and providing reflection to let them know you heard them. Only when they are finished talking does it become your turn to express yourself.

Listening does not involve yelling from room to room, texting, emailing or enjoying entertainment while your partner is talking.

3. Acro Yoga

Want to build your relationship, build your trust. With acro yoga, you rely on your partner to hold you up during poses. You will also rely on each other’s communication skills because you need to express what feels good and what does not.

Acro yoga can also make you enjoy more intimacy, building a better connection and bond.

4. Vision Boards

Creating a vision board on your own is a great tool to help you set goals and steps to reaching those goals. Creating a vision board with your partner helps you both see the future of your relationship and the goals each of you has.

Cutting out pictures from a magazine that represent what you want and need from the relationship in the future. You and your partner can discuss what you have in common on the board and things that are different. You can even discuss what you do not want in your relationship going forward.

5. Repeat Dating

When you first met, you and your partner did some amazing, fun things together. Through these activities, you got to know one another. You learned about each other, your likes and dislikes, what makes you happy.

Repeat those same dates now. Go back to the places where you started falling in love. Do the same activities that left you with great memories. Repeating your original dates can bring back the positive emotions you felt and can help you remember why you fell in love in the first place.

6. Volunteer Together

Giving back makes you feel good. Volunteering as a couple allows you to feel the reward that comes with helping others.

Pick a charity or opportunity in which you both share a passion. Arrive and leave together. Work as a team during the project. Discuss the event when it is complete.

Often, volunteering can help couples feel bonded and united as a team. It can also help couples see there are more important issues in life that need attention and help them let go of arguing about insignificant things.

7. Get Intimate

Intimacy does not always have to mean sex. It can also mean kissing, cuddling, touching, and massages. Being intimate is one of the best ways to rediscover closeness.

If you feel you are too tired to get intimate, then that is the perfect time to follow-through with it. Getting intimate can give you a boost of energy.

Do not worry about how your body has changed or aged. You both have changed and aged. Appreciate each other for what you have today. Explore one another through physical connections.

Finding intimacy again can renew the bond you once had.

8. Couples Counseling

Couples counseling can be fun and can offer many rewards for your relationship. A counselor is not going to judge either of you. He or she acts as a mediator and teacher to help you both be heard and learn techniques to improve your relationship.

You can even join a group and meet other couples looking for ways to enhance their relationship.

Some of the activities you try to build your relationship will work and some will not. When something does not work, you may feel like giving up. Counseling can help you avoid quitting.

Building your relationship will have its ups and downs. Your counselor can help you sort through what works and what does not and give you new ideas to try.


In conclusion, there are many activities you can try to build your relationship with the one you love. Aside from the ones listed above, you can also do the following together: exercise, road trips, video bowling, outdoor activities, schedule romantic weekends, date night, take a class or create a bucket list that you start chipping away at right away.

It is also important you associate with other couples who have a healthy relationship. If you associate with couples who are unhappy or in a negative relationship, have addictions, argue all the time or even contemplating divorce, their negativity can influence your relationship.

There are hundreds of relationship building activities. Pick one and start reconnecting with your partner today.