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How to Overcome Life Obstacles With Compassion

Life obstacles tend to hit us at the worst possible time.

These hardships may sprout in the form of relationship problems, financial problems, or health problems, and they cause emotional disturbance resulting in stress, sadness, or anger.

At times, you may even feel like giving up.

Today, I would like to explore how embracing compassion can ease stress and help you overcome the toughest life obstacles.

It all starts with mindset.

So, what is compassion anyway?

Compassion is a feeling of sympathy and sorrow for another person experiencing misfortune, accompanied by the desire to help.

It is a caring mindset powered by emotion.

As a social species, most of us are capable of feeling compassion for one another. Compassion is an innate quality that has played a big role in our survival throughout the years. When we see family, friends, and neighbors experience a hardship, we sympathize with their situation and provide the support they need to assist them in processing there obstacle.

With that said, compassion is something you practice.

Developing a compassionate mindset through practice

Like all mindsets, it takes time and energy to develop a compassionate mindset.

The more you help others overcome their life obstacles or hardships, the better you will feel about your mindset, actions, and self.

So, how do you start practicing compassion?

Keep it simple.

If you know a friend is experiencing hardship, simply let them know you are there for them if they want to talk about it. Despite our connectivity online, most of us feel more alone than ever. We all need someone we can talk to now and then, so be sure to let your friend know you are there for them.

If you want to practice compassion further, consider looking for a non-profit organization you can support. Its mission should resonate with something you care about.

You can donate, volunteer, and even start a fund in a creative way to support the organization.

Over time, you will develop a compassionate mindset.

This mindset will produce a more positive perspective of yourself, which will be helpful when you experience a life obstacle of your own.

Let your compassion guide you through life obstacles

Everything may have been fine yesterday but today you face an unforeseen life obstacle. For most, hardships will negatively impact their emotional stability, mindset, and perspective.

If you practice compassion, you will be prepared.

Now, that is not to say you will not feel the stress, sadness, or anger from a particular hardship ... you will. As someone who practices compassion, you will be more in touch with your emotions than ever. However, your compassionate mindset will help ease the stress and help you overcome the life obstacle because you have been practicing.

You have a positive perspective and you know support is available because you are a part of it.

If you feel overwhelmed by the stress from your hardship, try focusing on maintaining a positive mindset and reaching out to family, friends, and neighbors if you need help.

Do not hesitate to ask for help.

Some of your closest friends and family may not know how to tell you they are there for you. Take the initiative and let them know you need their help.

If you are not comfortable asking your friends and family for help due to the nature of your hardship, consider seeking professional assistance in your area.

The benefit of seeking professional help is to gain access to the insight, experience and educational training they have developed throughout their career and life.


You have the ability to develop a compassionate mindset, which may help you through hardships and life obstacles.

It takes practice and time but it may be just what you need to prepare yourself for the future.

I hope this article helps you in some way, especially if you are struggling with a hardship and feel like giving up.

If you feel cornered and you are not sure where to turn for help, please feel free to call or email me.