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13 Signs You Need to Visit a Marriage Counselor

The idea most people grow up with about marriage, is that it's supposed to be a fairy tale. However, most people tend to forget that marriage actually takes a lot of work and it's not always perfect. During a marriage there may come a time when you may need to see a marriage counselor. Some problems are easy enough to fix on your own, and others need the help of a counselor. Debra Smouse, a contributor writer for the Huffington Post, has a list of signs that you may need to see a marriage counselor:

  1. When you aren't talking
  2. When you're talking, but it's always negative
  3. When you're afraid to talk
  4. When affection is withheld as punishment
  5. When you see your partner as an antagonist
  6. When you keep secrets
  7. When you contemplate having an affair
  8. When you are financially unfaithful
  9. When you feel everything would be OK if he would just change
  10. When you're living separate lives
  11. When your sex life has shifted significantly
  12. When you argue over the same little things over and over again
  13. When there are ongoing relationship issues

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