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How to Make the Changes You Want in Your Life

There’s a quote by the famous artist Andy Warhol. He said, “They always say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself.”  This is true – especially with the changes that are required in recovery from addiction. Any significant life change requires individual effort. If you want to transform your life from unmanageable to manageable, from chaotic to peaceful, from unbalanced to healthy, there are some things you’ll have to do differently.

Below is a list of suggestions for making the changes in your life. Keep in mind that it’s the little things you do each day that will help create the larger changes you’re looking for. Obviously, you’re not going to get to where you want to be overnight, and you can get there gradually. One day you might take stock of your life and recognize how far you’ve come.

Change can happen slowly by using these techniques:

1.     Make choices in favor of your goal. First, this requires having a goal or vision to work toward. Once you know what you’re moving toward, then you can make the choices that move you closer in that direction. In fact, experts would say that making different choices is the one and only way to create change in your life, and it makes sense. If you don’t have any money and you want to have more money in your life, making smart financial decisions will help you get there. You may need to work, open a bank account, create a budget, and establish a retirement savings account. If you were doing none of these things before, then you might see how making new and healthy financial decisions brings you closer to your goal of having money in your life.

2.     Take good care of your body. This might not make sense in a discussion about creating a new life for yourself. However, when it comes to change, feeling good about yourself and your body can make a big difference. Not to mention that being physically healthy can help keep you mentally and emotionally healthy too. When you’re eating well, getting good sleep, and exercising on a regular basis, you simply feel better. Which can in turn help you make the right choices, help you keep your vision for the future front and center in your life, and little by little move closer to your goals.

3.     Connect with the people who matter to you. Relationships are a big part of feeling good. When we feel connected to others, we also tend to feel accepted, loved, and welcomed. When the relationships in life feel positive, life tends to feel positive too. Whether it’s friends, family, coworkers, or even those you know from a 12-step meeting, invest in those relationships. Say yes to their invitations more often and do some inviting yourself.

4.     Spend time with those who have already reached the goal you’re after. If you’re hoping to stabilize your sobriety, spend time with those who have already achieved this. If you’re hoping to feel happier and more at ease with your life, spend time with those whom you perceive already feel this way. Notice their habits. Pay attention to the ways they respond to life.

These are suggestions for reaching the goals in your life. As mentioned at the start, little steps taken on a daily basis make the difference for the large changes you’re after.