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Effective Couples Counseling Principles

Couples counseling can be beneficial for any couple, even if they have a good relationship. Therapy helps people talk about their feelings. 

Being able to talk about your feelings is important because it helps you release any underlying angers. Many people tend to push their problems away, and ignore them. If done in a relationship, this can be extremely detrimental, this is one way therapy can be so beneficial. 

Couples therapy helps to ensure that both parties are fully satisfied in the relationship. Dr. Susan Krauss Whitbourne wrote an article on that discusses  5 principles of effective couples therapy.

Dr. Susan Krauss Whitbourne informs that couples therapy changes the views of the relationship. This helps couples to take responsibility for their actions, and to stop placing blame.

Click here to read the full article by Dr. Susan Krauss Whitbourne at, and to learn about effective couples counseling principles.