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The Future of Relationships


Throughout the years we've started noticing a change in the way relationships start, how they evolve, and how they end. We are now starting to see an increase in online dating, and is now becoming the norm of how people meet. The thought of meeting a significant other just at random is becoming less believable.  Marty Nemko Ph.D., a contributor writer for Psychology Today, says the following are the top ways relationships are changing:

  1. Marriage's decline will accelerate
  2. Birth rates will continue to decline 
  3. Virtual relationships increase 
  4. More sex without love
  5. Heterocentricity fades 
  6. Technology will make us more emotionally sensitive 
  7. Genetics will assess potential partners' compatibility 
  8. We'll embed our children with a GPS chip
  9. High tech will not eliminate the need for high touch 

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