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Reasons to Appreciate the Differences with Your Partner

You always hear the saying that opposites attract. When there are differences between two people, one can be attracted to something they lack that the other has. Alice Boyes Ph.D., a contributor writer for Psychology Today, says there are 6 reasons why you should truly appreciate the differences with your partner. 

  1. The ways in which your mate is morally a better person than you
  2. Healthy ways your mate copes with stress that are different from how you do it 
  3. Practical skills your mate has that you don't 
  4. Ways in which your mate will step in to do things that you find anxiety-provoking 
  5. The way that your partner manages tasks in a style you admire or find/cute/amusing 
  6. Are any of the qualities that annoy you about your partner the flip side of their more attractive qualities.

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