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10 Common Relationship Myths (and Why They're all Wrong)

When it comes to relationships there are some many different things that people look for in a relationship. What people want in a relationship can different from others. There are certain things that some people believe all relationships should have and that others think are not that necessary. Guy Winch Ph.D., a contributor writer for Psychology Today has a list of the most common relationship myths. 

  1. If the relationship was "meant to be," it will just work out
  2. Avoid voicing dissatisfactions early on 
  3. Couple should have sex X times a month/week/day 
  4. He/she know exactly what they did to upset me 
  5. Having a baby will solve out problems
  6. If you're truly happy with your partner, you shouldn't need to be close to anyone else 
  7. Couple in good relationships don't argue 
  8. Never go to bed angry 
  9. You should learn to love your partner's worst qualities 
  10. Good relationships don't require work 

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