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13 Steps to Better Relationships...and Peace of Mind

Relationships with people can sometime be difficult to maintain, especially with the busy lives the majority of us live. When we have good relationships with people we have a peace of mind. Having a healthy relationship is one less thing we have to worry about. According to Meg Selig, a contributor writer for Psychology Today, there are 13 steps you can take to have better relationships. 

  1. Make the conscious decision to put your relationship health at or near the top of your priority list.
  2. Assess the relationship area that needs work and set a specific goal 
  3. Set standards
  4. Observe character
  5. When your friends are happy, be happy for them
  6. Apologize when you've been wrong
  7. Ask for what you need in the relationship
  8. Be able to say NO when your friends' requests interfere with your own values and goals 
  9. Use negative feelings-such as resentment, sadness, and annoyance-as clues that you might need to change either yourself or something in the relationship
  10. Say thank you
  11. See a therapist
  12. Don't put all your relationship eggs in one basket
  13. You decide! What else could go on your list?

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