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5 Ways Using Your Phone Less Can Improve Your Relationship

In today's world the majority of people are fixated on our phones. We use them for everything, such as, getting in touch with others, social media, making payments, and taking pictures. However, using our phones too much can sometimes hurt a relationship. According to Nancy Mramor Ph.D, a media and health psychologist, "Our devices have become the "third party in the relationship.'" Using your phone less can help improve your relationship. 

  1. You'll be more connected to your partner when the two of you are together
  2. You might be able to stop fights before they happen
  3. You might just find a better work/life balance, which will put less stress on your relationship
  4. Your partner may feel more appreciated--without you having to spend money on gifts or fancy meals
  5. You could open the door for a better sex life--or even better sleep 

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