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10 Tips to Make Therapy Work for You

Therapy is a popular way for people to overcome some issues they may be having within their lives. There is research that shows how helpful therapy can be for some people. However it may be more helpful to some than others. Dr. Gary Trosclair,  a contributor writer for the Huffington Post, has 10 tips that can help therapy work for you. 

  1. Take off the mask and show your many faces
  2. Have your feelings without your feelings having you
  3. Look deeply within for the sources of change
  4. Forge an authentic connection with your therapist
  5. Observe yourself honestly without attacking yourself
  6. Differentiate when to take responsibility and when not to
  7. Identify the recurring themes and fundamental beliefs that guide your life
  8. Build a better narrative and choose your beliefs consciously 
  9. Continue your psychological work outside of sessions
  10. Use the challenges of your life as opportunities for growth

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