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10 Wishes What Loved Ones of Addicts Really Want

Having someone love be an addict can be difficult to deal with. The loved ones of addicts always want to make sure they say and do the right things. Fran Simone, a contributor writer for Psychology Today says that there are 10 wishes that the loved ones of addicts want. 

  1. They wish they could silence the voice of fear
  2. They wish they could let go of our anger
  3. They wish they didn't keep family secrets
  4. They wish they could stop enabling
  5. They wish they could set and keep boundaries
  6. They wish they didn't indulge in self-pity
  7. They wish they were less judgmental and more compassionate
  8. They wish they could accept the things we cannot change
  9. We wish that we didn't lose hope
  10. We wish we could enjoy life

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