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Marriage Counseling: 7 Signs You Might Need Professional Help

Marriage takes a lot of hard work, compromise and good communication. It is no surprise that many couples need the help of marriage counseling to reinstate the reasons of why the couple is together. However most couples have no idea when they should pursue marriage counseling. The Huffington Post has 7 main signs that may mean you should seek the help of marriage counseling. 

  1. Poor Communication
  2. Your Sex Life has Significantly Changed
  3. Holding on to the Past
  4. A Reoccuring Issue
  5. Finances
  6. Kids
  7. You Still Love Your Spouse

To learn more about why these are signs you may need counseling, click here

Chris Massman is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in Agoura Hills, CA. She graduated Phillips Graduate Institute with a Master of Arts in Psychology in 2014 and received her Chemical Dependency Specialty in 2014. Today, she practices Congnitive-behavioral therapy to help individuals, couples, and families identify and overcome a variety of unique challenges.