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9 Panic Attack Myths We Need to Stop Believing

Anxiety is the feeling that you are in fear of something. It is a normal feeling among all human beings. However some people have anxiety without there actually being something to fear. Those who suffer from an excessive amount of  anxiety may also have panic attacks or panic disorder. Ricks Warren, a psychologist and clinical assistant at the University of Michigan says, " Panic attacks and panic disorder are mental healthy issues that many people still do not understand." When it comes to panic attacks or panic disorder, there are a few misconceptions that people have. Some of these myths include: 

  • Panic attacks are just an overreaction to stress
  • You can pass out from a panic attack
  • Panic attacks and anxiety are the same thing
  •  You are stuck with disorder for the rest of your life
  • It's hard to relate to someone who has panic attacks
  • Panic is a gateway to a more serious mental illness
  • Deep breaths will calm a panic attack
  • Loved ones can't help when someone is having a panic attack
  • You should avoid what causes the episodes

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