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9 Signs Its Time to Remove Toxic People From Your Life

Throughout one's lifetime one can come across many different people. Some individuals will turn out to be an inspiration, contributing to your life in a positive way.  Others may end up being toxic and a negative force. Toxic individuals are not people to keep around for the long run. Amy Morin, a contributor writer for Psychology Today, states there are nine signs that it may be time to remove toxic people from your life. 

  1. You talk about them a lot 
  2. You loose your temper 
  3. Your self-esteem dwindles 
  4. You blame them for your behavior
  5. You dread spending time with them
  6. You stoop to their level 
  7. You resort to unhealthy coping mechanisms 
  8. You don't set healthy boundaries 
  9. Your relationships suffer 

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