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5 Reasons People With a Mental Illness Don't Want to Try Medication

Mood disorders can seriously affect the life someone is living. These illnesses can "suck the joy" out of your life. Many people who are diagnosed with a mood disorder or mental illness have no interest in trying medication. There are a few reasons for this. One of the main reasons is there is a little bit of a negative connotation for people who use medication for these illnesses. Therapy can help with mood disorders, but for some people the disorder is so intense that they also need the help of medication. According to  Karen L. Smith, MSS, LCSW, a contributor writer for Psychology Today, there are 5 main reasons why people with a mental illness may not want to try medication.

  1. We want to do it "on our own" 
  2. We think we should first try more "lifestyle" techniques
  3. We don't want to put unnatural things in our body 
  4. We don't want our mood to improve unnaturally 
  5. Taking medication means acknowledging a shaming disorder

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