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Why It’s Important to Learn to Self Soothe

When you’re an infant, one of the most important tasks you learn from your parents is how to self soothe. In other words you learn to relax when you’re anxious, settle down when you’re crying, and unwind when you’re feeling tense. An infant learns this through the relationship he or she has with the primary caregiver. When the caregiver approaches a child in a calm way, gently picks the child up, and rocks a child to rest, that infant is learning to self-soothe in the midst of feeling anxious.

5 Tricks That Will Make Meditation Less Intimidating

When life becomes stressful a lot of people turn to yoga or meditation. Both yoga and meditation are great for relieving stress. However some people find them intimidating, especially if they have never tried it before.  Andy Puddicombe, a contributor writer for the Huffington Post has five tips to make them a little less intimidating so that you can free your stress.