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The Importance of Building Self-Esteem in Female Youth

In our society today, females are being judged differently than they have been in the past. Due to television and media, woman are greatly sexualized. This causes the youth of our female population to have more self-esteem issues. This is a problem because in order to be successful as an adult, you need to have confidence and self-worth. 

10 Smart Self-Care Tips to Avoid Stress and Increase Joy

Self-care is extremely important for you mental and physical health. Nowadays, we easily let ourselves get too busy and forget to take the time to ourselves. Linda Esposito, a contributor writer for Psychology Today, has some tips on self-care and how to avoid stress. 


    9 Habits of Confident People

    Confidence is something is hard to come by. When someone has confidence, it is something that most people will notice. Sometimes just by looking at someone you can tell if they are confident in themselves or not. Usually, when you are confident you can achieve anything that you want too. According to Susie Moore, a contributor writer for the Huffington Post, says that confident people have certain habits. 

    6 Mental Health Habits That Kill Your Confidence

    Self-doubt and self-defeating habits and ruin our self-confidence. There ware things we unknowingly do that can kill our confidence. If we were to just pay attention to some of the things we do, and focus on changing old habits, we could have more confidence in ourselves. Melanie Greenberg Ph.D, a contributor writer for Psychology Today says there are six main mental health habits that ruin our confidence.