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marriage preparation

6 Things Men May Speak About in Marriage Counseling

Marriage counselling has helped save a marriage in many cases. In most cases it is usually a women in the relationship to bring up the idea of attending marriage counselling. Most men would say they aren't the most fond of the idea. However there are men who attend marriage counselling, and have somethings to say during the counselling. Brittany Wong, a contributor writer for the Huffington Post, says there are 6 main things the men complain about in marriage counselling. 

Marriage Preparation

Getting married to the person you love is a really exciting time in a persons life. It's a start to whole new part of your life. Although marriage is a wonderful thing, there is a lot of hard work that each person has to put in to make a marriage work. Before getting married it is important that you have discussed all of the important topics. Linda and Charlie Brown, contributor writers for Psychology Today, say that there 9 main topics you should discuss before making the commitment of getting married.