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ending a relationship

8 Ways to Keep Any Relationship Out of Trouble

The various relationships that we all go through can tend to shape us into the person that we are. We learn from different mistakes that we've made in a relationship, and we also learn what we like and don't like in the people we want to be in romantic relationships with. Romantic relationships can be very exciting but also extremely terrifying at the same time. Linda Esposito, a contributor writer for Psychology Today has some tips to help keep a relationship out of trouble. 

What is a 'Clean' Breakup? (And How to Achieve One)

Breaking up with someone can be a difficult process. No matter the reason for ending the relationship, it is never easy. Ending a relationship with someone can lead too physical and emotional consequences. There are a few ways to make the breakup a clean on and not a messy one. Alexandra Katehakis, a contributor writer for Psychology Today has a couple of tips to help achieve a clean breakup.