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6 Addiction Recovery Tips for Parents with Teenagers

6 Addiction Recovery Tips for Parents with Teenagers

Growing up is particularly challenging during the teenage years.

Teenagers face a tremendous amount of internal and external stress from a variety of sources, including hormonal changes, social expectations, and bullying. On top of this, an estimated 8 million children live with at least one parent addicted to drugs or alcohol.

This makes life even more challenging for teens.

Today, I have a few addiction recovery tips for parents with teenagers that may help you start you start, or continue, your journey to addiction recovery for both you and your teen.

Rules of Dealing with Addiction in the Family

Whether it is behavioral such as gambling, or substance-related, addiction is an incredibly difficult thing to deal with in a marriage and/or family. Addiction can take a person you know and love, and completely change them, ruining your connection to that person.

Gambling: Habit, Compulsion or Addiction?

There are many forms of gambling and all of them can provide a brief feeling of euphoria. Some have described gambling as giving them a “rush or high”. When you gamble, you risk something valuable, such as money, to take a chance on an uncertain activity. You do this with the hopes of winning even more than what you risked.

How Therapy Can Address Chemical Dependency

So, which came first, your addiction or your mental health disorder? Do you use drugs and alcohol to cope with your mental health issues? Or do you have a mental health disorder caused by your drug addiction?

Understanding the Connection Between Violence and Addiction

Substance addiction is a chronic illness and mental disorder, which can severely affect functioning. It is defined by its compulsive and uncontrollable addictive behaviors. These behaviors may result in harmful outcomes not just for the addict, but for people the addict may come into contact with.

Watch out for These 7 Signs to Avoid a Relapse

After successful completion of a primary treatment program, the recovery process for an addict begins.  Addiction recovery needs to address the person’s mind and behavior patterns as the individual’s body heals.

Why we are Inspired by Sober Celebrities

Everyone loves to hear about all the celebrity gossip, but what is it about a celebrity's recovery story that is so inspiring? Kelly Fitzgerald wrote an article on discussing the reasons to why hearing celebrities stories of becoming sober makes us so happy. Kelly explains that the reason we look up to celebrities is because we can relate to them, therefore seeing these celebrities who have a successful recovery inspires others that they can become sober too.