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Why a Hobby Can Improve Mental Health

You spend a lot of time working and give your time and efforts to help others. What do you do for yourself? The answer to this question can influence your mental health. Having a hobby has been shown to improve mental health. Examples of hobbies includes acrobats, geology, cliff diving and making pottery. Other examples of hobbies are yoga, ballroom dancing, mountaineering or writing.

The Connection Between Change and Our Emotions

Change. A small word with a lot of power. Change can be defined as anything that causes you to modify some part of your life. Your residence, your job, your relationship status, or a death in the family are all examples of change causing agents.

Recognizing Symptoms of Self-Harm and Suicide

Both self-harm and suicide involves emotional pain and the efforts a person makes, to get rid of that pain.It is the intention behind the acts that matters most, however. Does the person want to end his or her life? Is it to release emotions? Is it to stop anxiety or escape debilitating mental health issues?

Understanding the Different Forms of Depression

Throughout your life you will have moments of great happiness and moments of great unhappiness. Most of your time may be somewhere in the middle. Unfortunately, there may be periods where you seem to feel sad or depressed for a lot longer than usual.  You may even start to wonder if you are just sad or if you have a mental health disorder such as depression.

Why Labels and Stigmas are So Dangerous

Something negative happened to you in your childhood. You stole candy from your neighbor’s house when you were ten years old. It would be horrible if you had to live the rest of your life being called and thought of as a thief.

7 Tips for Addressing Teen Mental Health

According to the National Alliance on Mental Illness, one in five teens is living with a mental illness. Being a teenager is stressful. Teenagers have stress from areas including classroom, extra-curricular, peers, chores, work, and even parents.

How to Tell Your Child They Have a Mental Illness

Talking about your own mental illness is much easier than talking about your child’s. Parents would much rather have any type of problem rather than have their child suffer. Telling your child they have a mental health disorder can be difficult and provoke anxiety.

What are Mental Health Risk Factors?

Many people have parents or ancestors with mental health disorders. That means they may have some genetics within them that could lead to similar mental health disorders. Just because they have the genetics, however, does not mean they will automatically develop a mental health problem.

7 Ways Music Therapy Benefits Mental Health Disorders 

Music has been related to moods since well, the beginning of music. You just got your heart broken and what do you do? Listen to sad love songs and pine away for the one you love. You need a little pep in your step at work, turn on some rock and roll and before you know it you are singing and smiling and working. Music is written with emotion and with the intent to make you feel that emotion. Music is wonderful and extremely therapeutic.

The Role of Genetics in Mental Health

Genetics play a key role in the field of mental health. Genetics sometimes is confused with heredity. When you hear someone talking about inheriting something from their parents or ancestors, you automatically connect that with genetics and heredity. While the two are intertwined, there is a notable difference between them. Understanding this difference is essential when examining the role of genetics in mental health.

Strengthen the Mental Health of Your Marriage

When you say your vows and you get to the part about “in sickness and in health”, you are mostly likely thinking about physical health. You vow to take care of your spouse if they have the flu, a broken bone or even diseases that can be terminal. It may not be too often that you think of sickness as a mental health disorder and that the “in sickness” could mean the state of your marriage. Yes, a marriage can suffer problems and be considered unhealthy.

The Difference between Behavioral Health and Mental Health

You may be thinking there is not much difference between behavioral health and mental health. In each one you have to change something so you can lead a healthier life. What you work on and how you work on it is exactly what makes the difference between the two. The professionals who can provide help during this process are also different, along with the techniques they use to provide counseling. Knowing these differences can help you determine which type of counseling you need.

Why Mental Health Counseling is Needed for Certain Behaviors

Mental health therapy is a process, which serves as a way to uncover and understand behaviors, establish communication, reduce stress, and resolve conflicts. Therapy is usually sought out when an individual or family has concerns about issues that are causing disruptions in daily life.

Effects of an Abusive Relationship on Mental Health

Abuse comes in various forms. Different types of abuse may be physical, sexual, emotional, financial, or verbal in nature. Physical abuse involves hitting, punching, kicking, pushing, choking, throwing objects, or using objects against another person. Sexual abuse is when one person forces sexual acts in any form onto another person.

Considering a Service Animal for a Mental Heath Disorder

A service animal is typically any dog that is trained to assist or guide a person with a disability. Many assume that service animals can only help people with physical disabilities. As a result, many associate service animals as pets that assist the blind, hearing impaired, or the wheelchair bound. While this is true, service animals can also help people with psychiatric disorders, intellectual disabilities, or other mental illnesses, which can limit functioning in daily life.

25 Ways to Prevent Stress Before it Happens

One of the biggest contributors to mental illness and addiction is an overwhelming amount of stress. Whether a person is overwhelmed because they don't have their basic needs met (homeless, low or no income, etc) or if a person is bombarded by the demands at work, stress plays a major role in the level of health a person has mentally, emotionally, and physically.

5 Tips for Healing the Relationships In Your Life

Relationships aren't always easy to maintain. People change, circumstances in life don't always stay the same. When there are major changes in someone's life, the relationships they have can also change.