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How to Get Over Trust Issues

How to Get Over Trust Issues

Have you ever found yourself monitoring the online activities of your partner? Do you feel insecure in your relationship? Do you find it hard to move on after your significant other hurts you? Answering “yes” to any of these questions may mean you are struggling with trust issues.

Trust means you believe in someone or something. You believe in what they say, how they act, their abilities, and dependability. Some early psychologists taught that trust, and distrust, are formed in the first two years of life and is learned from the environment in which you live.

Meaning, we evaluate how we are treated by others in our life when we are young. If we are abused by parents or other adults, we tend to form distrust. If we feel loved and well cared for, we form trust.

Over time, many other factors go into developing trust in relationships.