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 Adolescent Counseling Services - Chris Massman, LMFT

Adolescent Counseling Services - Chris Massman, LMFT


If your child seems sad or angry, they be struggling with an underlying issue that needs your attention.

Teenagers often struggle with issues without fully understanding there is something wrong, so they may not reach out to you for help. It is up to you to initiate the healing process sooner than later if you think there is a problem, as some issues can worsen or develop into additional issues if ignored.

My name is Chris Massman and I am a licensed therapist with years of experience providing adolescent and teen counseling in Agoura Hills, CA.

I provide a safe environment where teens and adolescents can discuss challenges, worries, and problems with an adult. I understand the need to build a trusting relationship with my adolescent clientele. 

Common issues

Teenagers often face overwhelming internal and external struggles, which can result in a variety of issues. 

The effects of these issues impact everyone differently, which is why it is important to sit down and discuss them one-on-one.

Here are a few of the issues I have supported:

·         Self-harming Behavior

·         Bullying

·         Social Media Safety & Awareness

·         Self-image

·         Drug Awareness & Prevention

·         Sexual Education

·         Determining Characteristics of What a Healthy Adolescent Relationship Looks Like

·         Divorce

·         Sibling Relationships

·         Parental Relationships

·         Blended Family Issues

·         Assertiveness

·         Peer pressure

·         Time management skills

·         Self-respect


My experience in working with adolescents includes facilitating educational groups at a juvenile correctional facility.  Group topics included drug awareness and anger management skills. The significance of behavior that was modeled by many of their primary caretakers and role models had a significant effect on many of their choices that led to incarceration. Empowering these individuals to break the cycle of these established familial patterns, thus choosing to transition their lives to more positive outcomes was my primary goal. 

I also had the opportunity to work with adolescents in the middle school environment.  I provide my clients with a warm understanding while sharing some of their most intimate struggles with peer groups and challenging parental relationships.  I encourage my clients to invite their parents into a counseling session to express their concerns.  I facilitate a healthy two way conversation where both the teen feels heard as well as parental concerns being heard and addressed.  I encourage my client to look for respectful compromises and encourage parents to instill behavioral consequences for behaviors that were promised to change without follow through from the adolescent. I encourage parents to reward their adolescent for good behaviors.  Hugs, words of praise and quality time together are encouraged.

I believe my experience of raising children give me extra bonus points with my clients as well as their parents.  Many of my teen clients report they figured I have children because my advice and support seem to be in alignment of what their own parents have been telling them, yet they appear to be able to hear the message differently when being delivered from an outside professional perspective.  My goal is to facilitate open communication where the adolescent and parent feel heard and understood, reaching a plan that will benefit both, as well as continue to nurture their constantly developing relationship. 

I want your experience with licensed adolescent counseling to be an amazing one.  I strive to make our sessions meet your needs and level of comfortability.  If drawing or writing is a way for you to express yourself I encourage that.  If you prefer music perhaps you will create a song to express yourself.  If you would prefer to help me to get to know you by playing games, I have great interactive ones.  I love to learn about what your hobbies are.  What inspires your future?  Are you looking for guidance to help you to get there?  Come in and let’s get to know one another and visualize dreams and aspirations for you to build a solid foundation on. 

I look forward to meeting you!

Please call (818) 264-9684